The Arab-Israeli Conflict - both Sides of the Story


The Power Points are designed on three levels as input for: students of History, Politics, Philosophy and Ethics, Religious Studies, Journalism, General Studies.

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For all levels:

  • Section A. Foreword, Timeline, Suggested reading
  • Section B. GCSE and younger
    1 short simple Power Point presentation and one suggested lesson plan, for those who are able only to commit one lesson to the subject.
    Consists of a simple outline of the current situation and outlines the major differences between the two sides.
  • Section C. General Studies.
    1 slightly more detailed Power Point presentation, and one suggested lesson plan, giving an overview of the current situation, the major issues being discussed, conflicting claims, the media, ethics of war.
  • Section D. A-level and university students
    DI-VII. 11 Power Point presentations covering the above topics in more detail.
  • Section E. Miscellaneous power points and papers on relevant topics for for GCSE, General Studies, A level and university students

Suggested reading:

  • Because they Hate, Brigitte Gabriel, St Martin's Press, NY, 2006
  • Israel: A History, Martin Gilbert, Black Swan Publishing Ltd, 2008 - or
  • The story of Israel, Martin Gilbert, Carlton Books, UK, 2008
  • Future Jihad, Walid Phares, Palgrave Macmillan, NY, 2005
  • Palestine Betrayed, Efraim Karsh, Yale University Press, 2010
  • The Lessons of Palestine, Musa Alami, Middle East Journal, October 1949
  • The Case for Peace. How the Arab-Israeli Conflict Can be Resolved, Alan Dershowitz, John Wiley & Sons Inc, Hoboken, New Jersey, 2005
  • Son of Hamas, Mosab Hassan Yousef, Authentic Media Ltd, 2010
  • History Upside-Down, David Meir-Levi, Brief Encounters, New York, London, 2007
  • A Shepherd's Journey, Ishmael Khaldi (author and publisher), 2010
  • What on Earth is Going on?, Tom Baird & Arthur House, Fourth Estate, London, 2009
  • The Arab-Israeli Conflict, Conflicting Narratives, Sami Hussein, Ruth Camay, David Stone – ebook, 2016
  • www.middleeastedu.co.uk
  • www.arabsspeakfrankly.co.uk
  • www.palwatch.org

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