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  • Ruth Camay, M.A,  Jewish, London
    An experienced teacher and lecturer in schools and universities.  Has specialised for many years in the Arab-Israeli conflict.
  • Nusseibeh Kattib, Muslim Arab, Jerusalem
    Born in the Arab-Israeli village of Bartaa, Nusseibeh Khattib has worked tirelessly to bring different communities in Israel together, and is very knowledgeable about the issues pertaining to the conflict.


We have a pool of knowledgeable, lively Jewish, Muslim and Christian speakers who can come to your school to give talks and presentations. Please contact us to arrange this. We will try to fulfill your request, and when requested and where possible, we will send two speakers - For example:

  • Ruth Camay M.A is Jewish and has studied and been involved in the Middle East for many years.  She was a teacher and university lecturer, and has specialised in talking about the Arab-Israeli conflict for the last ten years.
    Her extensive study, knowledge of Hebrew and in-depth knowledge of the history and of the issues involved in the conflict have led her to believe that it is only by listening to the views of both sides in the context of historical facts, that real understanding can be achieved.
  • Sami Hussein, B.Sc describes himself as a 'defected terrorist and defected politician'.
    He was born in Iraq, has lived in Jordan and other Middle Eastern countries, and has spent the last 27 years in the UK.
    His vast knowledge of the Middle East brings to the talks a unique depth and understanding of the conflict and of the midsets of those who contribute to it.
  • Jonathan Taylor B.Sc.(Hons) graduated as a chemical engineer from Imperial College of Science. He has an in-depth knowledge of Israel, its language and its culture. He is an experienced lecturer in Israeli cultural affairs, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the history of the UK Jewish community.
  • Geoffrey Ben-Nathan BA (Hons) studied at London University's School of African and Oriental Studies (SOAS).
    He is currenetly co-chair of Middle East Information Exchange (MEIE), and is a frequent guest on Iranian Press and Dahar TV.
    His speacialist interest is the historic background of the Palestinians on the West Bank.
  • Nathan Barnard, M.A. BA (Hons) is a Christian minister who has been involved in standing for and teaching the truth concerning the Israeli and Palestinian discourse.
    Nathan believes that it is only by teaching the truth from within a historical, political and legal context that people can fully conceptualize the truth.
    He has visited several times, and advocates that through visiting the land one can gain a greater understanding and witness first-hand the truth of the situation, which is so very often misinterpreted or misreported in the media.
  • J.B.Arauz Canton, M. Phil, M.A, M.Ed, PGCE in Secondary Ed, BA in Political Science is a Christian academic specialising in the Middle East.
    He has wide experience in teaching in secondary schools and his areas of expertise include: Assymetrical Warfare and the Principle of Proportionality; Public International Law, International Politics and Security Studies, Political Science.

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